JAMIE SIV JOY ROGNSTAD wrote the text ”jagged” prior to a major project in Theater science. The text was read during a pub theater setting at The Open Theater (DÅT) in October 2000. A year later, the production group Iproduksjoner! put it on stage as a performance at now Soria under Moria Theater in November 2001. The actors used each text as a line. They literary spoke the texts as an ongoing conversation between them.


Like the director Vibéke Heide wrote: "Two young girls move in together, and celebrate one of their birthdays. The play is about their relationship over a period of one year, from birthday to birthday. It’s the classical story. Girl meets girl. Girl falls in love with girl. Girl is

on the verge of losing girl.”


Jamie Siv has worked with the textual phenomenon “staged reading” (as opposed to stage reading) since 1996. The texts are incomplete,

written with no capital letters and no punctuations. The texts are not poems, they are texts with no title. They are written with “empty spaces” which gives the reader an opportunity to “write along”.

The complete text is like a puzzle. Each single one can be read independently of the other, or in a different order than they are

presented. In that way new stories and emotions can be read out of it.


Jamie Siv Joy Rognstad and Bibbi Elise Bagguley have, based on the text “Queer – and a bit homeless”, set up the exhibition “Queer movements” which was shown at Albin Art in September of 2009.


The exhibition is based on a choice of Jamie Siv’s texts. Bibbi has made a painting to match the emotions of each text. The texts are thereby not illustrated as such. Bibbi added mood and atmosphere to the text with her paintings the way she experienced it. The meaning of both texts and paintings is left for the spectator to interpret.


The complete text ”Queer – and a touch homeless” consists of 82 single texts.


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